The Music Department of the Berea Seventh-day Adventist church is what makes our church so unique apart from the message of hope to a dying world. We are proud to have as our pioneer musician Dr. Jonathan Lewis who in years past was the organist for many years, now playing the alto sax. Then came a small fellow no big and married Shawn Mayers well know for his ability to play and sing, he is also responsible for the junior musicians in the church as welll as some all over the island. Shawn is the organist and the Music Coordinator. All other musicians are 

Antonio Mayers-Piano/Clarinet

Dathan Shepherd-Piano/Drums

Dwain Hackett-Bass

Jamal Grant-Piano

Baggio Harewood-Flute

Matthew Hinkson-Trumpet

Wayne Elliott-Percussion

Lee Springer-Sax

Sovel Ewdards-Clarinet

Cyprian Gamble-Clarinet

Our aim is to serve God through music and help win souls for the Kingdom of God.